Stella is a Sriracha/ Willow baby that belongs to my daughter Isabelle.  

Multiple Total Dog Awards


URO1 Heartlands Huntress on Fire

Sperry is the daughter of Lyric/Sriracha and Granddaughter of Willow/Rebel.

Sperry is a puppy I handfed to keep going as a newborn.  She recently returned to Heartland and is my travel partner and shadow.  Looking forward to showing her in 2022 and getting some titles on her.


URO1 Heartlands Need 4 Speed

Brindle Abstract 

Daughter of Harmony/Sriracha and Granddaughter of Willow/Rebel

Nova had her first weekend of shows in May of 2021 and did amazing.  She almost completed her UKC Championship her first weekend out (only needs 10pts to finish).  She also earned her URO1 title and earned 2 Total Dog Awards and qualified for the 2021 Total Dog Invitational.  

Pending testing we are planning to breed her in late 2022.


Heartlands You are My Sunshine

Red Sable

Daughter of Rumor/Stella and Granddaughter of Sriracha/Willow.

We hope to finish her Championship and URO1 titles in 2022.  

Pending testing results we have plans to breed her in late 2022.


Heartlands Chapter 4

Novel is the daughter of Sperry.  Grand daughter of Lyric/Sriracha and Great Granddaughter of Willow/Rebel.

Excited to see what 2022 has in store for this beauty that represents the 4th generation of Heartland girls.