I have owned and trained many breeds over my years however when I purchased my first Standard Poodle I found the breed that I truly love and seems like it was designed exactly for me.  Prior to Standard Poodles I had raised and shown Mini Aussies for a number of years and thought I owned the smartest breed.  I purchased my first Standard with the intention to have a larger breed to compete in Agility with.  My original intent was to have both division 2 (Mini Aussie) and division 3  (Standard Poodles) dogs to compete with.  However I quickly fell deeply in love with the Standard Poodle breed and learned that they are a different type of smart and the only breed for me.  Some of the reasons I love the breed is their eagerness to constantly want to please and be part of your life, they are non-shedding, active and love to do all preformance activites yet make wonderful calm household furry family members.

Below are links to the UKC and AKC breed Standards that give lots of information about the breed.

  •  https://www.ukcdogs.com/standard-poodle
  • https://akc.org/dog-breeds/poodle-standard/